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World’s first one-way offline communication app.


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what is type and show app?

When you need to communicate and can’t be heard or can’t speak. You type it and show it!

We all experienced situations we tried to speak, but they didn’t hear us.

You tried to buy water at a festival, and it was nearly impossible. You were trying to say something to your friends at a concert or trying to tell your colleague something at a construction site.

With the type and show app, you type your message and show it!

where to use this type and show app?

The type and show is designed for noisy and quiet places. And for people who can’t speak or can’t hear.

When you wish to say something at the cinema, order food at a festival, or your friend was drilling the wrong hole with a power drill.

When you have to be quiet, the type and show is here to show your message.

what is the story behind the type and show app?

Sometimes it was hard to order something at night, or I couldn’t pronounce the food correctly. I was using Notes or the Word app, and they didn’t work well. So, I decided to create an app for myself.

I didn’t know how to code. Then, I learned to code, designed the app, conducted user testing in less than six weeks!

Also, I can’t ignore the seagull tried to attack in Shoreditch, London. So after the seagull, I decided to turn my idea into action.

who is behind the type and show app?

I developed and designed the type and show app. A friend of mine helped me to perfect it.



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